Counselling and Psychotherapy

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There are times in our lives when we may experience a single distressing event which seems to submerge us in unhappiness, or times that we feel there is an on-going pattern of events with which we have difficulties dealing.

At times like these counselling may be a useful option for exploring the underlying issues and moving towards a new way of experiencing life.

Counselling provides the time and space to make sense of your individual circumstances and, with the support of a professional counsellor, help you to find your own ways of dealing with them.

Over many years I have experienced working with clients that have suffered physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse (current or in their past), losses of loved ones or employment, phobias, illnesses, love and/or sex addiction, disability, feelings of being lost or confused, difficulties at work, socially, or with partners.

I work from a holistic approach looking at your troublesome or painful experiences as well as the underlying causes which have caused you to experience life through your particularly unique perspective.

Many times just talking privately with an empathic listener can bring about significant resolution of worries and fears.

One to One Counselling

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One-to-one counselling offers a safe environment where you can talk about and explore aspects of your life which are causing you concern and help you understand and challenge your patterns of behaviour which maybe cause problems.

It may not be possible to talk to those closest to us, such as family or friends, because very often they may be part of the problem.

Counselling can be an effective process of looking at difficulties with an experienced impartial professional who can give feedback and help to provide insight and remove blocks within relationships with others.

Counselling aims to help and support you in reaching an understanding of your own particular circumstances and, with support, help you to find your own ways of dealing with them and moving on with your life. You will benefit from counselling if you are committed to work through your problems, although you may experience some difficult feelings during the process.

Counselling provides the opportunity, time and space to explore and voice your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment with the support of a skilled listener working within the BACP Ethical Framework.

Relationship Counselling

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You may be experiencing difficulties in your relationship with a partner or loved one. These could be communication problems, sexual difficulties or infidelity or a general feeling of drifting apart or being stuck.

Relationship counselling helps you to make the most of your relationships, past, present or future.

Counselling can help you even if you are not currently in a relationship.

Many people believe that couples counselling is only here to help with the major crises in people’s relationships, such as when people face divorce or separation, affairs or major conflict. But talking with a neutral third party can also help with the worries that might seem trivial or minor.

Counselling Young People

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Children and Young People's Counselling is for any young person who is experiencing a problem; whether it's self-harming, issues with parents or trouble at school.

Counselling young people provides an opportunity to talk confidentially to an independent and non-judgemental person who will listen and work with you to improve your situation. Every thing that you say will remain confidential and it will be up to you whether or not you decide to share with your parents what is talked about in the sessions. It is necessary that parents understand their child's right to privacy and that they show sensitivity to their child's reaction to counselling, especially where the child may seem upset after a session wherein they may have been talking about particularly painful or difficult feelings.

My Client is the young person, not the parents, although I will see the parent(s) and child together occassionally if the child feels that a joint session would be useful.

Family Counselling

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If you are experiencing problems within your family life there are many ways in which counselling can be beneficial, helping the whole family to communicate better, as well as to better understand and resolve differences.. You may be a parent who needs help with how a break up may affect your famly, or you may need help relating to your children or step-children. You may be a young person worried about your parents splitting up or already separated and you may need help dealing with your parents behaviour. You may simply need help in dealing with your brothers and sisters.

When families grow and go through changes it can be difficult to learn to adapt. Counselling can help family members to support one another through these difficult times, reducing conflict and arguments, and growing stronger and more loving as a result.

Every family is unique and there may be many reasons for wanting to improve the relationships within your own family.

Will Counselling work for me

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Working with a counsellor gives you, or you and your partner, a chance to think about what you can do to change your situation for the better.

Counselling helps you take time out from your situation and see it from a fresh perspective, providing an opportunity to explore complex or difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment.

When you first come to counselling and talk about what's on your mind and what it is you want from counselling you will often gain insights into the underlying issues that have caused the problems that you are experiencing.

Some people find the first session is all they need to clear their head and help them decide what to do and that no further counselling is necessary. If you feel it would be helpful for you to come back, we'll talk about how it might be best to proceed.